If you have an Instagram account and the slightest interest in fashion then you’re probably following @vintage_vogue. The popular Instagram account features images from past issues of Vogue magazine with details about the photographer, designer and model featured in the photo. The clever concept was dreamed up by fashion documentarian Fiona Mackay.

Fiona is an Australian born photographer currently living between Paris and Melbourne. Since graduating from with an honours degree in Photography in 2009, Fiona became more involved with the history of fashion photography. In 2013 she created @vintage_vogue, which has since amassed over 200,000 followers and counting. 

Fiona is one of a handful of fashion historians that has successfully established a major social media following while simultaneously bridging the gap between the mass appeal of fashion and the niche field of historical dress. We are fascinated by her success in this area so we reached out to her to learn more about her personal success and future endeavors. READ MORE