Vogue magazine has changed quite a bit since the first issue was released in 1892. The magazine's content was originally  focused on entertaining and social etiqute with a target audience of new New York aristocracy. Over 100 years later the ladies fashion magazine seems to focus most on celebrity culture and fashion trends. Today we're showing highlights from what the publication looked like exactly 50 years ago.

Then and now...

  • In May of 1968, Vogue magazine cost only 75 cents and was printed twice a month
  • The issue featured photography from legends such as Irving Penn, Helmut Newton and Bert Stern
  • Profiles were written about women who held titles like, baroness, princess and first lady 
  • Beauty ads were cleverly illustrated not photoshopped like the creme de la creme ad you see pictured
  • There was an illustrated menu and recipe feature called Vogue's Own Menu
  • Editor's hadn't quite figured out how damaging sun bathing is and wrote features that highlighted its many health beauty benefits
  • The fashion editorials ran 32 pages not 8 
  • Opera singer Maria Callas was a BIG deal
  • Philip Johnson was the architect en vogue 
  • Vidal Sassoon determined your hairstyle 
  • Air travel was quite possibly the chicest thing one could participate in 
  • Etro swimsuits were the "must-have" brand of swimwear
  • Brush on makeup was revolutionary 
  • Car ads were more popular than then clothing ads