In Vogue magazine's March 1, 1959 issue, editors created a questionnaire to help guide their readers on how to determine whether or not they needed a style makeover. The 35 questions are delightfully entertaining. Read all 35 questions below.

"…35 questions that tell you whether your sense of fashion is due for an overhaul. No score cards needed (unless you count the mirror) and no “ would you wear brogues with an evening dress” posers. The question lever here is well up in conscienceland where a woman’s “look” begins- or ends."

1.       In the last two weeks has a woman whose look you admire complimented you on a fashion effect?

2.       When you think of any one costume, do you think by “look” – including shoes, hat,      handbag, coat, make-up?

3.       Are you on the track of a dark-red or bright pink summer dress but have you just assumed you’ll wear black shoes?

4.       Could you accept an invitation to a small but important dinner this evening without dashing to the closet to check?

5.       Do you conclude a fashion isn’t for you the first time you see it?

6.       Does your new coat, suit or dress make you feel happily  on the road-to-somewhere, fashionably speaking?

7.       Have you thought about buying yourself a dress in a colour you’ve never owned before- grass green , mauve or amber?

8.       When someone says, “ You’re getting fat,” do you know- instantly- where?

9.       Do you try new make-up only after someone else’s trial run?

10.   Are your tweed skirts and country shirts in a as good condition as your town clothes? Could you go for a chilly walk without looking chilly? Looking bundled?

11.   Is your one pair of bright shoes red?

12.   Do you regularly take a taxi or the car when you could walk the distance?

13.   Do you own two dozen fresh handkerchiefs or is it tissues all the way?

14.   IN your opinion do you look well in black? If not, how much black do you own? Same rule applies to any colour.

15.   Do you own a “favourite” girdle- the older it gets the better you like it? And… have you looked at yourself sideways in a full-length mirror…

16.   Do you have an automatic “diet dinner” that swings into action when you feel , suddenly, all round edges?

17.   How do your hands look when you deal the cards at Canasta? Does the woman with the “wonderful rings” simply have a more expert manicure

18.   Do you make it a rule to get to bed early one evening a week even when you’re not “tired out”?

19.   Do you hate the idea of getting reading glasses? Going to the dentist? Asking the doctors opinion on vitamins , iron shots, et certa, to help you through the arduous times of the year – school vacations, a prolonged travel session?

20.   When you got to Italian restaurants do you always order pasta?  Do you think of salads in the summer time and only then?

21.   Have you thought about what you plant to wear at the next party you give- or is the choice a safe automatic one?

22.   Are four out of five things in your closet what your mother would call classic?

23.   Do you panic when you are asked away for a simmer week-end that means shorts or slacks…?

24.   Have you heard yourself say the same think to three different people three times in a row? Are your opinions riddled with clichés?

25.   Are you sure you’ve never said: “If I take my hems up, they’ll only let them down again,” Flat-heeled shoes make my legs look fat,” “I can’t seem to get clothes that fit me.”

26.   Have you any opinion at all on the coloured stockings questions? Do you consider dark stockings daring?

27.   Peace-of-mind division : If you had to write a letter, could you sit down at a well-stocked desk, find the pen and paper at hand? Do you own a 4c stamp?

28.   Have you had a great deal of “ bad luck”  with ill-fitting shoes? Do you own a presentable pair of galoshes (there are some) and, while we’re at it, a handsome rain-coat and umbrella?

29.   Have you been wondering whether you’d look  pretty in another shade of hair- and how long have you been just wondering?

30.   Have you learned to decode your husband’s clothes comments? When he says you look like “a Japanese Wrestler” is he simply noticing a change? Has the word “matronly” crept into  anybody’s conversation re you?

31.   Do you trust your fashion eye? For instance, when you’ve looked for months, and suddenly the dress appears with a price tag you didn’t expect , do you buy it then and there?

32.   Are the new magnum sleeves a total shock to you or can you see them now as a possible and delightful summer refreshment?

33.   Do you invariably let your hair go “one day too long” for its weekly setting- and is that “weekly” not quite the story?

34.   Do you own some seasonless clothes- silk dresses, some light wool jerseys, a bright coat or two, perhaps a silk sweater; do  you own several things that you from experience travel well

35.   Do you hang your cashmere sweater instead of folding then in a drawer? Do you know your cleaner by name? Do more that two pairs of shoes in your closest need polishing and re-heeling? What about shoe trees?